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Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Is your company setting up remote working? Have you been asked to work from home because of COVID-19?

Increasingly, companies are choosing to close their offices and go into hibernation, more and more staff being asked to work from home on a daily basis... Boards Direct can help support your team during this time.

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Tips for Working from Home

Create An Efficient, Comfortable & Quiet Work Area
The first step is to establish an area for your work-from-home time, and commit to it. The space should be comfortable and enhance productivity and focus.

You may find yourself working in the same space as your family, on a laptop in the kitchen, surrounded by noise. The combination of long hours and not having the correct ergonomic work furniture can add extra unnecessary stress.

Your productive area could be an empty or spare room that you convert to a home office – just add a height adjustable table, comfy chair and good acoustics.

Dress For A Meeting In Your Dining Room
The main reason people love to work from home...because you can do it in your PJs. However, this may be killing your productivity. To ‘dress for success’ matters as well when you work from home.
A key factor in working from home is to not change the full routine you would usually follow. Dressing in work attire (even casual Friday everyday) will get you in the right mindset, prepare you to get work done and be able to video chat with colleagues. You will be mentally and physically prepared for the work day ahead.

Step Away & Step Outside
You won’t have your regular routine of arriving to and leaving a work space that isn’t your home. Take the time to step away and separate your work from home life. Close the door to your home office at the end of the day or step outside for fresh air.
Exercise is a natural booster for endorphins, which increases happiness, enjoyment, interest levels - all of which are important for productivity.

Set an alarm for every hour or so, and take 2-5 minutes to stretch and walk around. Regularly stretching helps you maintain great posture. At a minimum, stretch throughout the day so you don’t get sore or fatigued.
Take A Break 
There won’t be a regular cue to go for a coffee break or go out for lunch. Taking breaks might seem counterproductive, however they can actually re-boot your brain to increase productivity and creativity levels. 
Take the minimum to look away from your computer screen for 30 seconds to rest your eyes, or work 5 minute short breaks for coffee time, outdoor time, and even social media scrolling as a part of your day. It can help you stay connected and balanced, and also be a reward for working hard during a challenging transition.
We Can Help You...
Altering regular routines because of unexpected circumstances can be quite challenging. However, with the right plan and mindset in place, you will find adapting to work-from-home life much easier.

Remember to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

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