Glassboards, Glass Boards or Glass Whiteboards?

Our range of innovative modern magnetic glassboards, also known as glass boards or glass whiteboards, are designed to blend seamlessly with any décor naturally; a stylish, clean and contemporary alternative to traditional whiteboards.

Our magnetic glassboards are manufactured with a premium crystal clear 'starphire' tempered safety glass surface (8 times stronger than standard glass). These are available in clear, coloured and magnetic options as wall mountable and mobile board options. You imagine it.. Boards Direct will create it!

Glassboards, glass boards or glass whiteboards create an exciting feature in your home or office and withstand many years of frequent use while maintaining a modern aesthetic look. The glass surface never deteriorates, never stains and offers a smooth and easy writing surface for years of use.  

Important: Super strong magnets, also known as Rare Earth magnets, are the ONLY magnets that our glass boards will hold. Standard whiteboard magnets or fridge magnets are NOT suitable for use on magnetic glassboards – they are not strong enough and will not hold due to the thickness of the glass.


Designer Smooth MATTE Glassboards

GlassNote Desktop Glassboards

ACCÉNT Glass Whiteboards

Lumiére Magnetic Glassboards White

Lumiére Magnetic Glassboards Black


Quiet Glass Mobiles

Designer Crystal CLEAR Non-Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Designer Crystal Clear Custom Magnetic Colour Glassboards

Lumiére ARC Glassboards

Edge LX9000 Ultra Slim Frame Magnetic Glassboards

NAGA® Magnetic Glass Month Planners 600 x 800mm

VISIONCHART Executive Magnetic Glass Year Planner

SPACE Mobile Glassboards Clear

SPACE Mobile Magnetic Glassboards White

Communicate™ Glassboard / Pinboard Room Dividers


Installation Service for Magnetic Glassboards