Pinboards, Noticeboards or Notice Boards... Just Pin It!

A pinboard is a vital communication tool to collect and exchange ideas and thoughts. Wherever people plan, meet and create... simply share your thoughts by pinning your ideas to the wall. Sometimes in office design, pinboards are almost an afterthought. Pin Boards (or noticeboards) are colourful adding a buzz and energy to any meeting space. Plus they reduce harsh acoustic levels in areas where hard surfaces are used.

Available in either a wrapped frameless finish, standard aluminium frame, Edge LX6000 or LX7000 architectural designer frame. Whether you require Cork Boards, Felt Boards, Fabric Pinboards, Smooth Velour Pinboards, Suzette Pinboards, Trilogy Pinboards, Forbo Bulletin Boards, Autex Pinboards, Krommenie (also known as Forbo) Notice Boards, Acoustic Wall Panels and Tiles... Boards Direct will have the board for you.

TIP Don't cram too much information on one board. Use multiple pinboards so your information is easily viewable. You can choose to integrate your pin boards with whiteboards or glassboards to create a dramatic and aesthetic communication wall...


Communicate™ Corporate Cork Boards

Communicate™ Corporate Felt Boards Grey

Communicate™ Corporate Felt Boards Royal Blue

Smooth Velour Unframed Wrapped Pinboards

Smooth Velour Standard Frame Pinboards

Krommenie Standard Frame Pinboards

Super Tough Standard Frame Pinboards

Edge LX7000 Ultra Slim Frame Acoustica Pinboards

Edge LX7000 Ultra Slim Frame EchoPanel® Pinboards

Edge LX7000 Ultra Slim Frame Smooth Velour Pinboards

Edge LX7000 Ultra Slim Frame Krommenie Pinboards

Peel n Stick Pinnable Acoustic Wall Tiles

Communicate™ Magnetic Porcelain Blackboards

Premium Executive Frameless Grooved Felt Letter Boards

Premium Executive Framed Grooved Felt Letter Boards

VISIONCHART Staff Status Boards

Deluxe AUTEX Velour Sliding Door Notice Display Cases

Deluxe KROMMENIE Sliding Door Notice Display Cases

MODULO Mobile Communication Screen Pinboards

MODULO T-Legs Communication Screen Pinboards