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The uni-ball PWE Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off making it the perfect tool for sign writing on non-porous surfaces such as glassboards and whiteboards...

The markers are ideal for signage and can be used indoor and outdoor.

The Chalk Marker is rain-resistant – so your message will hold up outdoors – but the ink is water-based so if you want to remove it simply wipe away with a damp cloth, or a little mild detergent if stubborn.

Ideal for writing on glassboards, whiteboards and almost all non-porous surfaces, including glass/window surfaces, mirrors and metal.

For permanent application the markers can also be used on old-style chalkboards for a bold statement.
Important: Traditional old-style chalkboards are made of porous materials, usually slate. This will ensure that the use of a liquid chalk marker will be permanent rather than erasable.

Odour, solvent and alcohol free ink. water-based pigment ink. Wet wipe erase. Chalk in a Pen! Dust-free!

Available in 3 tip sizes -

  • Bullet tip with a line width 1.8 - 2.5 mm (PWE-5M)
  • Chisel tip with a 8 mm line width (PWE-8K)
  • Broad Chisel tip with a 15 mm line width (PWE-17K)

These fantastic uni Liquid Chalk Markers are made in Japan.

Flouro colours are perfect for a high contrast writing on our beautifully crafted new modern blackboards.

The Bullet and Chisel tip markers are available in 9 fluorescent and bright opaque colours – Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Green, Light Blue, Red, Violet, White & Black.

The Broad Chisel tip markers are available in 5 dynamic colours - Fluoro Yellow, White, Black, Gold & Silver to order individually.

Bullet and Chisel tips are available in Assorted Colours in wallets of 4, wallets of 8 and boxes of 12 (individual colours are available to order by special request - contact us for pricing) 

A $13.75 delivery fee may apply if only accessories are purchased (and your total order value is below $150)

Bullet TipChisel TipSmall Order Charge for Accessories may apply